Recovery Mode: How to Rescue Your Pout with a 3 Step Lip care Routine

We all know that our lips go through a lot. What with eating, drinking, make-up, and stressors like sunlight and pollution, our pout is subject to a world of daily trials and seasonal changes.  When you try to add a swipe of luscious lip color to dry or flakey lips, you may think to yourself that it’s time to learn how to properly pamper lips and keep them soft and healthy. 

Just like our skin, our lips need hydrating and repairing elements to keep them looking supple and smooth. Are parched lips a problem for you?  Not to worry; treat  your pout to our COSMEDIX-approved three step lip care routine:

Exfoliate with Glow Bamboo Brightening Mask

Exfoliation isn’t just for your face. Extend that gentle exfoliation to your pout with COSMEDIX Glow Bamboo Brightening Mask. Packed with Vitamin C, Bamboo Extract and Niacinamide, this 2-in-1 face mask and scrub helps create smoother lips by improving uneven texture. Use this scrub on your lips two to three times a week to get rid of peeling or flaking, and to encourage healthy skin renewal while increasing your lips’ ability to absorb product. Simply squeeze out a pea-sized amount onto a fingertip, then apply gently in a circular motion before rinsing with warm water.

Treat Overnight with Enhance Lip-Plumping Mask

Now that your lips are feeling fresh and exfoliated, it’s time to pamper them even more with hydrating ingredients that help revive and restore their natural beauty. Just like the rest of your body, your lips use sleep as a recovery period, making night time the perfect time to coat lips in a blanket of transforming oils and emollients to help enhance their appearance. The COSMEDIX Enhance Lip Plumping Mask doubles as a hydrating overnight treatment that helps improve the lips’ moisture barrier. Just apply a thick layer to your lips before bed for an ultra-nourishing overnight treatment that softens lips and helps them appear fuller and more supple over time.

Freshen Up with Lumi Crystal Liquid Crystal Lip Hydrator

Even though you may be putting aside your lipstick while you have a day of pampering doesn’t mean that you must sacrifice a high-gloss shine with a hint of color. Lumi Crystal Liquid Crystal Lip hydrator is the lip-loving sister of our best selling Opti Crystal Eye Serum and is packed with the same liquid crystal technology that delivers age-defying hydration to the skin. Drench your lips in this iridescent lip topper during the day to deliver a burst of moisture to recovering lips. It will help freshen and plump your lips to reduce fine lines and wrinkles for a rejuvenated, softer-looking pout.

How Often Should You Exfoliate?

The science behind exfoliators is complex but understanding the basics can help you create your own customised skin care routine. Here at COSMEDIX we’re ready help you pick the right exfoliating product and give you all the ‘how to’ info you need to properly exfoliate your face.  Read on for a fresher-faced complexion:

Exfoliate 2-3 Times per Week

Let’s start with the one question that everyone asks; how often should you REALLY exfoliate? Here at Cosmedix, we believe that it’s best to exfoliate your face two to three times a week to help lift away the dry and dead skin that builds up every day.

But of course every skin type is different. It is important to be aware of your skin and feel how it reponds to different treatments. If you experience redness or irritation, reduce exfoliation to once or twice a week, or even try a gentler exfoliant.

Know the Difference between Exfoliants

It’s important to realise that there are two very different types of exfoliants: physical and chemical.

The physical exfoliant is the one we all know — it’s the textured scrub that was in everyone’s bathroom during adolescence; a time when we realised that just washing with soap and water wasn’t really “skincare”. Physical exfoliants contain grainy ingredients that scrub away dry skin and impurities from the surface of the complexion. Facial brushes and scrubs are also common physical exfoliants.  All these exfoliants should be used very gently to avoid irritation.

Chemical exfoliants are more technical. Unlike physical exfoliators, they don’t contain ingredients that can be felt scrubbing the skin. Instead, chemical exfoliators are acids or enzymes that work under the skin to help shed dry or flaky skin. Because chemical exfoliators are not as abrasive as their physical cousins, they tend to work better for sensitive skin types and are found in toners, serums, peels and more.

The Benefits

Even if you can’t see dirt, oil and impurities, your skin has a lot going on just below the surface. If you’re hoping to improve the look of uneven texture, redness or pore decongestion then washing alone won’t be enough. That’s where exfoliating your skin 2-3 times comes in.  Some of the benefits of exfoliating are:

  • Unclogging pores
  • Gets rid of dead skin and encourages skin renewal
  • Even up the appearance of skin tone and texture
  • Boost the skin’s ability to absorb product

Match Your Exfoliant to Your Skin Type

Dry Skin: Pure Enzymes

Chemical exfoliants are an ideal option for people with dry or sensitive skin due to their gentle, non-abrasive formula. Pure Enzymes Cranberry Exfoliating Mask uses fruit enzymes and chirally correcting acids that wash away dull skin and boost hydration for smoother, dewy-looking skin.

Oily Skin: Purity Detox Scrub

Oily skin can benefit from physical exfoliants such as clay, bamboo stem and seeds to help remove oil build up on the skin. Purity Detox Scrub features both jojoba seeds and poppy seeds to help sweep away pore-clogging impurities while Salicylic Acid helps clarify the look of pores. Pro Tip: If your oily skin is causing blemishes, try combining a physical exfoliant AND a chemical exfoliant. Salicylic Acid is a popular chemical exfoliant option that helps improve blemish-prone skin and can be used on a more frequent basis.

Combination Skin: Purity Clean or Glow

People with combination skin can choose between a chemical exfoliant or a physical exfoliant. Purity Clean is an exfoliating cleanser with Lactic Acid that can be used on a daily basis to help balance the skin and reduce the appearance of shine. For areas that struggle with shine or texture, exfoliate the skin with gentle scrub like Glow. This 2-in-1 Bamboo Brightening Mask can be used either as a weekly face mask or a scrub to help improve skin texture and tone while it nourishes the skin for a brighter-looking complexion.

COSMEDIX Guide to ‘Maskne’: The New Blemish Everyone is Talking About

Breakouts can happen to anyone. In a world where we have to wear a face mask much of the day, people have quickly begun to realise that spots and blackheads aren’t always confined to adolescents. While mask-related acne isn’t new (as many hardworking nurses and carers know), there are a few extra steps that ‘Maskne’ newbies can take to help alleviate redness and blemishes. Help banish blemish woes and learn all there is to know about ‘Maskne’ treatments with the COSMEDIX customised ‘Maskne’ skin care routine!

What Causes Maskne?

Now that a face covering is often required, we’re seeing how repeated wearing creates a less than ideal environment for your skin. ‘Maskne’ is the trending term for “mask acne”—the unwanted blemishes that seem to have multiplied every time you take off your mask. Of course your mask is rightly designed to be a barrier; letting little in and little out. This means when you breath or cough, your skin is trapped in a humid warmth which often leading to redness and sensitivity. Pair that with mask straps rubbing against your skin and you have the perfect cocktail of problems that can trigger ‘Maskne’ madness.

What Can You Do to Tame Maskne?

Your skin is unique. Different skin types will react to different skin care treatments in different ways, but putting hygiene first is a fool-proof way to help your complexion look and feel its best. The first and most obvious step to tackle ‘Maskne’ is to ensure that you are regularly washing your face mask to avoid dirt and contamination. For skin types that experience stubborn blackheads or congestion, remember, as tempting as it is, DON’T pick! This will cause more irritation and redness over time.

Which COSMEDIX Skin Care Products Can Help?

C.P.R | A Skin Recovery Serum that reduces redness and assists the recovery of dry skin. At C.P.R.’s heart is a soothing combination of Blue Agave, antioxidants and peptides which help to promote healthy skin and restore clarity to the complexion. If you are experiencing sensitivity or dryness after wearing your face mask, apply C.P.R. after cleansing your skin for a boost of replenishing skin care that will soothe and hydrate.

Affirm |Antioxidants are a very important part of skincare, which is why they’re the essential elements in Affirm Antioxidant Firming Serum. Formulated with antioxidants, peptides, Vitamin E and more, Affirm helps the appearance of uneven skin tone while protecting the skin from ageing and environmental stressors.

Correct | COSMEDIX Rapid Relied Acne Treatment is ideal for skin blemishes that need a bit of special attention. Correct contains an exfoliating blend of Salicylic Acid and Aloe Vera to help deeply cleanse and soothe pores while preventing the build up of impurities that can clog your pores. Use Correct to treat blemishes caused by ‘Maskne’, and it will give you clearer-looking skin without drying it out.

Restore | This Moisture-Rich Mask can be used as a nourishing overnight treatment for skin that needs a deep hit of hydration. If wearing a face mask has made your skin feel dry, apply Restore sparingly to your face before you sleep and wake up to younger and more supple looking skin. Ingredients that hydrate include Mango Seed Butter and Squalene which work to lock in moisture, while Papaya Fruit Extract gently exfoliates the skin to make it feel soft and restored. 

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